Expert Witness Services

Blackwater Consulting Services has provided termite expert testimony in more than 50 legal cases throughout the Southeastern United States and beyond. We are able to advise clients on any questions they may have about research, documentation, or litigation. We begin each case with thorough, thoughtful investigation and follow through with concise, intelligible expert testimony.

Expert Reporting and Pre-trial

A strong expert report can play a critical role in establishing an expert’s effectiveness and credibility. Likewise, a poorly prepared report can undermine an expert witness and damage a case. For this reason, Blackwater Consulting maintains rigorous investigative and reporting standards. If a client requests a report, we guarantee its quality.

To compile the strongest reports possible, clients can expect meticulous review and analyses of any relevant documentation. Additionally, Blackwater Consulting experts possesses the field experience to conduct thorough on-site investigations. Using our own scientific methodology, we compile these assessments into concise, intelligible, and defensible reports.

Deposition and Trial

In addition to strong reporting, an effective expert witness must provide
clear and defensible testimony. It may not always be enough to be knowledgeable. A witness that struggles to explain and defend his or her opinion may hurt a case. An effective expert witness should be able to articulate an intelligible explanation of his or her opinion and counter criticisms.

At Blackwater Consulting, we embrace this challenge. Because of decades of academic, practical and trial experience, we are uniquely qualified to offer expert termite testimony. We strive to cut through any jargon and deliver clear, scientifically sound testimony.